My Education: The Mother

Shortly after our first encounter, Beth invited me to her house. (it was easier to have sex there since she was still dating my cousin) We spent the next week or so having sex whenever we could.  She said she enjoyed fucking me because I had stamina and I didn’t cum easily.  I was to young to know what “normal” was and apparently it’s not me.  Plus she said I had a nice cock, not too big and not too small and it was just big enough to make her feel good. (Yay! Me!)

She lived in a small house with her mother.  Her mother had Beth at a very young age.  She was like 33 or so.  I hadn’t met her yet but Beth had told me that because of their ages, they were pretty close.

About a week after we’ve been meeting regularly at her house, I went over there and Beth wasn’t home.  Her mother answered the door.  We’ll call her Janet.  Janet was a stunner.  Shorter than Beth, long straight hair more of a dark brown instead of blonde.  She was 33 but looked mid twenties or younger.  Fucking amazing boobs.  (I found out later they were fake, but fuck, who cares). She was slim, was some sort of health nut. For the 80’s this was a lot of aerobics and dance stuff.  Just saying, fantasy girl #2 for me. 

Janet let me in and said to me, “oh you’re the boy that my daughter is making all that noise with in the afternoons”.  I blushed.  I don’t think I really said much, I was too busy staring at her body.  Which that day was in tight jeans and the fuzzy tight sweater which was popular for the time. 

We went into the kitchen and she got me a drink.  We chatted for a bit. Well, she did most of the talking.  I was too flabbergasted to say anything but nod my head and smile like the silly boy I was.  She started talking about how I must make her daughter feel good the way we “carry on” in the bedroom.  She said she can hear us whenever I came over. 

I wish I could say something happened that afternoon but nothing did.

It was a couple weeks later.  I went over to her house like usual.  This time Beth wasn’t home.  I was a little more comfortable around Janet.  We went in the kitchen and she had on this little skirt and tight top.  Fuck, I was losing it.  I could see her g-string under her skirt when she moved around a bit.  It was insane for me.  She excused herself and went to the toilet.  When she came back and I caught a glimpse of under her skirt, the g-string was gone!  I was so fucking naive then.  I didn’t know she had been flirting with me this time and several other times I had been over.

She finally said something like, “Damn, you are dense!  Will you come over here and kiss me already?!?!”.  I was shocked, but somehow we managed to start making out and she fucked the shit out of me.

That began my education.  I spent most of the summer at her house.  She made me her little boy toy.  She taught me how to eat pussy. She taught me how to control my cumming better.  She showed me positions I didn’t think were possible.  It was an incredible time.

I was still fucking Beth, but not so much.  She was spending more time with my cousin, so it was easier for me to just hang out at her house and fuck her mom.  Beth didn’t know, at least to this day, I don’t think she did.  I think I would have gone mental if we had a threesome or something.  Hey, I’m a lucky dude, but I wasn’t that lucky yet.

My education with Janet lasted about two months or so. Most of the summer.  It ended when I started back in school.  I guess her mom thought I was the same age as Beth and started talking about me spending more time with her when I graduated at the end of the school year. 

I think it was Thanksgiving or Christmas break.  Janet found out I was really 13 years old.  (hey, I was almost 14).   She lost it.  Started crying, talking about how she’s a pedo.  She never wanted me to come around again.  She got mad at Beth and told her I wasn’t allowed to be near her. 

All of this was fairly easy for me, since they lived near my grandparents and they were about a two hour drive from where I lived with my parents and went to school. 

I’ll never forget those two.  They really started me on this journey of debauchery.