Who is Zenshinzo


First off you can call me Zen or Joe (I answer to both)
“I am free, no matter what rules surround me.
If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them;
If I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”
— RobertAHeinlein


Bullet Points: 

  • I am very complicated
  • I believe in: No Drama, No Drugs, and No Means No
  • I am a professional pervert
  • I enjoy riding my motorcycle
  • I love to travel and do it often
  • I am a practioner of shibari/kinbaku
  • I now live in Angeles City, Philippines
  • I don’t drink or smoke or do any drugs. However, I have no issues being around anyone that does.
  • I have an extremely varied amount of interests.
  • I am fairly comfortable financially and I am not flashy or trendy.
  • I enjoy excellent food, great company, and good times.
  • I am a night owl.
  • I’ve worked and still am around various aspects of the adult industry. (I see naked people for a living lol)
  • I live in a different world than most.
  • I don’t believe in absolutes, life is fluid and tastes, kinks, wants, desires, and needs change based on the situation and the people present.
  • I am extremely open minded and nonjudgmental. Even though it may not be something I am into, I can usually appreciate or respect why you are.
  • I have an odd sense of humor. It can be very dry, quick witted, and interpreted as abrasive to some.
  • I am a very Yin/Yang individual and with that, somewhat complex and simple at the same time. I am very chill most of the time and can be very intense when I need to be. Most people either like me or dislike me immediately.

My Poly Viewpoint:
I do not believe that one person can provide all the emotional and physical needs for another one person.
If I am interested in you, my other relationships do not diminish my interest or desire for you. Nor do my other relationships need to impact that relationship I am forming or have with you. My interest in you indicates that something about you is special to me.
You are not dating me and whomever else I am involved with. My interest is in you. Whatever situation you have outside you and I, if any, is between you and whomever. I do not expect you to bring that to what we have or are developing. I will do the same.

Sexual Disclaimer:

You should know that due to my being diabetic and a spinal injury. I require an injection of medicine into my penis to achieve a functional erection. This erection can last up to 2~3+ hours depending on how much I am enjoying myself.

I basically turn into a human dildo.

Do not initiate sexual contact with me unless you are prepared to handle fucking for an extended period of time.

Also, know that, if you think all I want to do is to have sex with you, do realize, that I mentally go through a process where I assess whether you are worthy sticking a needling my penis for. Do note, most people I meet, do not rate.

“Sex without love is merely healthy exercise.” — RobertAHeinlein