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Shibari Arts – Kazami Ranki Preview

This is the preview of a set I have not gotten around to editing.  From when we had a Shibari Arts photo set with the Kinbakushi Kazami Ranki.

Nikki Next – Santee Alley

Shot Nikki Next in Santee Alley.  One light and with a point and shoot.  No Photoshop.

Tifini – The make up artist

This is Tifini, she was our make up artist.  Incredibly attractive.  The camera loved her.  She happened to be standing in front of my lights and I decided…

Angel in Costume

I had fun shooting Angel in the streets of downtown Los Angeles outside our first studio.

Princess – home studio

Shot Princess (yes, that’s her real name) in my Santa Monica home studio.  I was playing with saturation.