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Som – Heaven Above Live Photoshoot

Did some quick shots of Som in my living room for the future website.

Pupae – Heaven Above Live Photoshoot

Did a shoot with Pupae for the upcoming website. Did shots around my house in Thailand.

Angeles City Philippines – High Society Night Club

Good times in Angeles City Philippines at High Society night club.  New friends and good times.

Gisel – Test Shoot – BTS/Preview

We did some test shots of Gisel. Her first time modeling. My new friend from PutaCalentura as primary shooter. I did some BTS with my phone and will…

Chicago Club – September 29, 2017 – Preview

I had a great time at Chicago Club on their “School Girl” night. I took these photos with a Sony a6000: some with a kit lens and a…

Adult Entertainment Expo / AVN 2017 – Day 1

Decided to go to AVN/AEE this year and cover it as press. I got wheeled around in my wheelchair. Which offered a really unique perspective. Besides the idea…

Shibari Arts – Kazami Ranki Preview

This is the preview of a set I have not gotten around to editing.  From when we had a Shibari Arts photo set with the Kinbakushi Kazami Ranki.

Nikki Next – Santee Alley

Shot Nikki Next in Santee Alley.  One light and with a point and shoot.  No Photoshop.

Nikki Licious – Studio

My friend Nikki Licious came to the studio for some shots to promote an upcoming drag show she was doing.

Jack McCloud – Portrait

I had Jack McCloud in my studio, we did some portraits.

Maya – Studio

Shot Maya for fun in the studio.  Good times.

Tifini – The make up artist

This is Tifini, she was our make up artist.  Incredibly attractive.  The camera loved her.  She happened to be standing in front of my lights and I decided…

Angel in Costume

I had fun shooting Angel in the streets of downtown Los Angeles outside our first studio.

Jimmy – Headshot

Jimmy from the band Slant. Headshots.

Munir – Headshot

Munir from the band Slant.  Headshots

My Woodfield XM Camera

I got a new camera!  My Woodfield XM 4×5 film camera.

Challenger Shoot – Film – Sprocket Rocket

Playing around with a sprocket rocket camera.  This is not photoshopped.  Shot on film and scanned.

My First Art Show Submissions

These pictures were my first Art show submissions.  I won an award for the butt pic.

Princess – home studio

Shot Princess (yes, that’s her real name) in my Santa Monica home studio.  I was playing with saturation.

Big Sur – Film

Big Sur, Shot on Black and White film.  TriX 400.  Processed, printed, and scanned by me.

Chris – Home Studio

My friend Chris wanted to do some shots.  We spent the afternoon shooting.  Good times.  Decided to play with some digital black and white.

Wolfpack Hustle 2012

Shots from the 2012 Wolfpack Hustle. This is an unsanctioned bike race that occurs on the path of the Los Angeles Marathon. Several hundred bicyclists get together and…

Monterey – for fun

Angel, DJ, MJ, and myself went up to Monterey because Big Sur was rained out.

Sam – First set

My second shoot in my home studio while I was still in photography school.