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I am Zenshinzo. Engineer, Photographer, Producer, Complicated, Atheist, Pansexual, Pervert, Polyamorous, Zen. No Drama, No Drugs, and No Means No. I love Motorcycles, Drones, Traveling, Food, Sex, Shibari/Kinbaku. Welcome to my page, a glimpse into my world. is Launched!

Today we launched Heaven Above Live. You are welcome to come chat with ladies from Heaven Above Pattaya. is not a sex chat site. It is a…

Som – Heaven Above Live Photoshoot

Did some quick shots of Som in my living room for the future website.

Pupae – Heaven Above Live Photoshoot

Did a shoot with Pupae for the upcoming website. Did shots around my house in Thailand.

Thus Begins the Chronicles of Zen

Thus begins the Chronicles of Zen … A public journal of my life, my thoughts, my feelings, and my perceptions. These stories are NOT works of fiction. But…

My Birthday Party – 2018

I had a fantastic birthday party!  We had three of the main VIP tables at High Society.  Aside from the five women that were my dates for the…

Angeles City Philippines – High Society Night Club

Good times in Angeles City Philippines at High Society night club.  New friends and good times.

Gisel – Test Shoot – BTS/Preview

We did some test shots of Gisel. Her first time modeling. My new friend from PutaCalentura as primary shooter. I did some BTS with my phone and will…

Chicago Club – September 29, 2017 – Preview

I had a great time at Chicago Club on their “School Girl” night. I took these photos with a Sony a6000: some with a kit lens and a…

Adult Entertainment Expo / AVN 2017 – Day 1

Decided to go to AVN/AEE this year and cover it as press. I got wheeled around in my wheelchair. Which offered a really unique perspective. Besides the idea…

No Pants Day – 2017

No Pants Day 2017 – Changed things up this year, we started in Union Station and ended in Santa Monica.

No Pants Day – 2016

No Pants Day 2016 – I was the ride captain for the Sierra Madre station in Pasadena.

No Pants Day – 2015

No Pants Day 2015.  I was the ride captain for the Sierra Madre Station in Pasadena.

Shibari Arts – Kazami Ranki Preview

This is the preview of a set I have not gotten around to editing.  From when we had a Shibari Arts photo set with the Kinbakushi Kazami Ranki.

Kazami Ranki in Studio

Kazami Ranki in Studio:

Nikki Next – Santee Alley

Shot Nikki Next in Santee Alley.  One light and with a point and shoot.  No Photoshop.

Nikki Licious – Studio

My friend Nikki Licious came to the studio for some shots to promote an upcoming drag show she was doing.

Jack McCloud – Portrait

I had Jack McCloud in my studio, we did some portraits.

No Pants Day – 2014

No Pants Day – 2014.   I was the ride captain for the Culver City station.   Great times!

Maya – Studio

Shot Maya for fun in the studio.  Good times.

Tifini – The make up artist

This is Tifini, she was our make up artist.  Incredibly attractive.  The camera loved her.  She happened to be standing in front of my lights and I decided…

Angel in Costume

I had fun shooting Angel in the streets of downtown Los Angeles outside our first studio.

Jimmy – Headshot

Jimmy from the band Slant. Headshots.

Munir – Headshot

Munir from the band Slant.  Headshots

My Woodfield XM Camera

I got a new camera!  My Woodfield XM 4×5 film camera.